Sticker Shock: R-MWC sticker sparks unexpected friendship

R-MWC sticker sparks unexpected friendshipR-MWC sticker sparks unexpected friendship

Emily Fields '16

Emily Fields ’16

Just before the academic year began, Emily Fields ’16 was visiting Nags Head, North Carolina, with her grandfather. She imagined the vacation would be a great get-away before she headed off to Randolph. What she did not realize was that a walk through the parking lot of her hotel would set off a chain of events that would result in her meeting a kindred spirit—an Even one at that. “I saw an R-MWC sticker on one of the cars at the hotel,” Emily said. “It was old and tattered, and I got so excited.”

She made a spur-of-the-moment decision to put a letter with her e-mail on the car’s windshield. “I told her I was a first-year student at Randolph, and I had heard so much about the College,” Emily said. “I told her that I wanted to learn more, and if she had any stories, I would love to hear them.” That car belonged to Daisy Jenkins Fletcher ’50. Her daughter, who had borrowed the car for a trip to the beach, delivered the note. “I wasn’t surprised,” Daisy remembered. “Whenever I’ve been driving and seen a sticker, I usually honk or something.”

Daisy sent Emily an e-mail sharing a few stories, and those first e-mails were the beginning of what both women hope will be a lasting friendship. “I was curious about the College, and I really wanted to get a feel for what our alumnae are like,” Emily said. “It was great that we were both Evens, and she let me know about some of the songs I would be learning. She told me all about her professors and a lot about what it was like when she went to school.”

Emily began to see similarities between her experiences and those of Daisy. “I’m really excited to know someone who went through some of the same stuff I am going through,” she said. “I want to tell her my stories, and I want to hear hers. It is neat to see how much about the College is the same.”

Daisy Jenkins Fletcher '50

Daisy Jenkins Fletcher ’50

An American citizen, Daisy grew up in England, where she lived during WWII. She came to R-MWC at the request of her father. “It was a whole new world for me,” she remembered. “The warmth and caring of everyone just overwhelmed me. I hadn’t expected that, and it made it so much easier.”

When she was looking at colleges, Emily always thought the brochures were fake. “You always saw these happy people standing around laughing with their professors,” she said. “I always thought there was no way anyone could be that happy in real life. But when I got to Randolph, it really was like that. I’m glad I’m a part of that now.”

Daisy is looking forward to watching Emily embrace the life more abundant. “I am thoroughly enjoying hearing about and sharing Emily’s experiences,” she said. “My girls even want to know how Emily is doing. It’s been a very bright spot in the past months.”

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