Commencement 2013

After a week of heavy rains, a break in the weather allowed Randolph to hold Commencement in the Dell. Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling addresses the Class of 2013. Seniors listen to a speech at Commencement. Catherine Godley '13 waits for friends after the ceremony. Ahsan Ford '13, Cameron Colquitt '13 and Thawda Aung '13 pose after graduation. Amanda Cooper '13, Maggie Murray '14, Kendall Trewin '14, and Brianne Roth '13 celebrate after the Commencement ceremony. Sam McGarrity '13 celebrates with family members.

This year, Cindy Ferguson ’13 had a Mother’s Day she will never forget. Sitting in the Dell with more than 100 other Randolph graduates, she thought back to times when she brought her children to have dinner in Randolph’s dining hall and then go play in the Dell.

“They would be on the stage acting and singing as I sat on the side of the hill cheering them on,” she said. “When I graduated, they did that for me. What an incredible feeling that we have come full circle.”

Audrey Ferguson served as her mother’s squire.

Millie Symns '13 shows off her personalized cap.

Millie Symns ’13 shows off her personalized cap.

Four years ago, it was Audrey who came home from middle school and started a conversation about setting and achieving goals. “Do you have any regrets?” she asked her mom. That prompted a discussion that led Cindy to finally pursue a college degree. After graduating from Central Virginia Community College, she transferred to Randolph to major in psychology. She begins graduate school this month and plans to become a middle school counselor.

Cindy, who graduated on May 12, is one of the 119 newest alumnae and alumni of the College.

Attending the College transformed the life of Cindy as well as many other members of the graduating class. Ahsan Ford ’13, who also majored in psychology, was able to attend Randolph thanks to the Theodore Jack Scholarship. He is glad he was able to learn in such a diverse student body. “I really learned how to interact with different types of people from different walks of life,” he said.

Majoring in economics helped Kim Do ’13 develop many leadership skills. For the past two years, she took the lead in organizing trips that allowed economics and business students to visit important financial institutions in Washington, D.C., and New York, including the World Bank and the Federal Reserve. When she was a senior, she had an internship at a local financial planning firm. Although she was tasked to simply create a financial database, she also developed a stronger marketing plan for the business.

“A lot of people in the area needed these services, but had never been approached,” she said. “So I took the initiative, did the research about Lynchburg, about the firm, and about the market.”

The firm’s owner liked her work so much that he has asked to continue hosting Randolph interns. “I was proud of the fact that I was able to foster a relationship with a local business in order to provide future opportunities to Randolph College students,” Kim said.

Ryan Woloshin ’13 also received important real-world experience. He was able to study political science not only in the classroom, but also on the campaign trail as he worked for several campaigns during college, including a hotly contested state legislature race, a senate race, and a presidential election that focused heavily on Virginia.

“I got to learn about everything to do with a campaign, from field work to finance,” he said. As soon as he finished his final semester, he joined a gubernatorial campaign in Virginia. He looks forward to continuing a career in campaign work. “I enjoy talking to people and getting them motivated to donate to a company or a cause,” Ryan said.

During the Commencement ceremony, Cameron Hall ’13, the senior class president, encouraged his classmates to always remember the connection they share with the College. “Just as we have transformed our campus, I hope that we have all let the campus transform us,” he said.

Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, the 2013 Commencement speaker, encouraged the new graduates to pursue their dreams and work hard in their careers, but also to pause to help others and build meaningful relationships.

“I hope you will never be so busy making a living that you forget to make a life,” he said. “If you’ll do that, you will look back on the picture that will become the rest of your life…and you will like what you see.”



Members of the Class of 2013: 119

Earned graduate degrees: 9

Countries represented: 13

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