From the Director of Alumnae and Alumni

Heather Ayers Garnett ’86,  Director of Alumnae and Alumni

Heather Ayers Garnett ’86,
Director of Alumnae and Alumni

The fiscal year 2012–2013 has come to a close, and you will be pleased to learn that the College is positioned for continued success. Our first-year class will be the largest in years, we exceeded the 2012–2013 Annual Fund goal, we saw an increase in the number of alumnae and alumni donors to the College, and there has been a successful presidential transition from John E. Klein to Bradley W. Bateman.

This year, the Association worked to increase the number of events and opportunities for alumnae and alumni to connect with each other and with the College.

  • We saw strong attendance at the more than 30 fall events and close to 20 spring events. Reunion 2013 recorded the largest attendance in years.
  • We offered our first-ever Gamma reunion and plan to hold other affinity Reunions in the future.
  • We invited William F. Quillian, Jr. to be our first male honorary alumnus. We also celebrated and honored his 100th birthday with hundreds of cards and gifts totaling more than $17,500.
  • We welcomed the Class of 2013 into the Association and celebrated its success in achieving 100 percent participation in a class gift. Those class members joined the Class of 2012, which also achieved this honor.
  • We welcome new Association officers and thank the outgoing officers. It is the dedication and hard work of the Association Board and Association leadership that help maintain your connections.

Our outreach would not be as effective without their efforts. We are always looking for alumnae and alumni who want to be involved and have the time and inclination to work hard to help us achieve success. Please self nominate!

I wished John and Susan Klein well as they left Lynchburg for their new home in Washington, D.C. A large part of the College’s ongoing success resulted from the work they have done during the last six years.

There is much excitement on campus as we plan for the introduction of President Bateman to our community. The Offices of the President, Institutional Advancement, and Alumnae and Alumni are working closely with President Bateman to offer opportunities for alumnae and alumni to meet our new leader. President Bateman is giving generously of his time, and we are planning many chapter events. You can find the most updated event listing at

Heather Ayers Garnett ’86
Director of Alumnae and Alumni

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