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Kenney Shropshire Roseberry ’44 celebrates 70th year as class secretary

Kenney Shropshire Roseberry ’44 celebrates 70th year as class secretary

Kenney Shropshire Roseberry ’44 went to see a movie with friends one Sunday during her sophomore year at R-MWC. When they left, the world had changed.

“It was dusk, and the wind was swirling around, and we just knew something had happened,” she said. “When we got on the bus, we asked what was going on, and the driver said, ‘Japan has bombed Pearl Harbor.’

“From then on, things were different,” she added. After the United States entered World War II, the lives of Kenney and her classmates were altered. Rations, limited transportation opportunities, and the possibility of boyfriends dying in battle caused them to form close friendships with one another.

Kenney felt that deep bond and wanted to stay connected.

Now 90 years old, she has served as her class secretary for nearly 70 years and holds the rank of the College’s longestserving volunteer. “It’s one way that I can give back to the College that has given so much to me,” she said. “I can’t give thousands of dollars, but I can be class secretary.”

Attending the College created many opportunities for the Paris, Kentucky, native. She performed in the Greek Play, danced, and served as a serenade leader. She also rose to difficult academic challenges. After graduation, she returned to her hometown and taught English for 35 years.

“Kenney influenced a lot of lives in her little town,” said Muriel Zimmerman Casey ’53, a cousin of Kenney’s. “And she sent a lot of people to R-MWC—including me.” (Seeing Kenney’s enthusiasm for the College convinced Muriel and her parents to visit the school.)

Kenney is also involved in her community in many ways. She sings in her church choir, volunteers at a genealogy library for the Daughters of the American Revolution, and rings the Salvation Army bell each Christmas.

Kakkie Beasley McKenna ’44 has always enjoyed seeing Kenney’s energy and enthusiasm, whether she was leading a serenade, calling to gather class notes, or visiting over lunch during Reunion.

“She has a very outgoing, positive personality,” Kakkie said. “She’s always trying to get everybody to do the best they can and to participate fully. She’s a very good model for that.”

Kakkie added, “If you see her, you want to do more, because she does so much.”

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