President’s Perspective

Bradley W. Bateman President of Randolph College

Bradley W. Bateman
President of Randolph College

It is hard to believe that we have started the spring semester and are already well into 2014! My first year as president has been incredibly busy—but also extremely fulfilling. Randolph is a special place, and I have enjoyed getting to know our talented faculty, dedicated staff, and interesting students. One of my favorite parts of the fall semester, however, was my “road trip” to meet alumnae and alumni.

In addition to several events locally, I was able to spend a few weeks visiting alumnae and alumni chapters all over the nation. I am looking forward to more of these trips this spring. These events have given me a unique opportunity to hear your stories about the College when you attended as well as to share with you what campus life is like now and answer your questions.

This communication and engagement are a vital part of Randolph’s future. We have much to celebrate; our enrollment is growing, giving is up, and the campus is alive with energy. But we also have much work to do as we prepare for the College’s continued growth. The liberal arts are even more critical to this country’s future than ever as generations of young people learn to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing society. Randolph will play an important role in this national conversation.

Our alumnae and alumni are a connection to our past, but you are also a link to our future. Who better to spread the word about this institution’s wonderful liberal arts curriculum, its amazing faculty, or the opportunities we afford to students than people who experienced it themselves? Who better than classmates to help us connect with alumnae and alumni who are not active? Who better to financially support this great institution than the women and men who benefited directly from the generosity of others during their college careers?

We need you. We want you to be involved, to come back to campus and meet our students and faculty. Take a look at the amazing things happening behind the Red Brick Wall and become a part of our future!

Vita abundantior!

Bradley W. Bateman

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