President’s Perspective

Bradley W. Bateman President of Randolph College

Bradley W. Bateman
President of Randolph College

One of the best parts about my job is hearing from our alumnae and alumni—whether I see them at our chapter events or on campus. Your stories about your time at the College never fail to remind me why what we are doing here behind the Red Brick Wall is so important. The impact this small college has made on its graduates is profound.

This is a life-changing place filled with a community that is both supportive and inspiring.

This College has been through a difficult transition, and while the institution has made significant progress with our enrollment and finances, we realize that we have work to do in order to connect and engage with more of our alumnae. The difficult changes and circumstances that occurred nine years ago with the coed transition naturally left many feeling left behind, angry, hurt, and upset. Many of you felt the College did not communicate well. Many felt like they lost their College. And many of you want to know more about the College today—and its plans for tomorrow.

As you read through this issue of the Bulletin, you will learn the results of a recent survey of our alumnae and alumni. We asked you what you thought, and you answered honestly and frankly. We must now use these results to find ways to reach out to our alumnae and alumni, to let you know how much you matter to us as an institution, and to reassure you of our commitment to honor the legacy of Randolph-Macon Woman’s College by thriving as a small, liberal arts college dedicated to providing our students with the passion, intelligence, and critical thinking skills needed to succeed in life.

We’ve come a long way since 2006 and have made much progress toward our long-term goals. But we still have challenges before us. You—our alumnae and alumni— are vital to our future. We need and want your support. I encourage you to reach out to us and send us your thoughts and ideas. Come visit campus and see what life is like today, share your career knowledge with our students by either coming to campus or serving as a mentor, attend your nearest chapter events, or provide financial support to our Annual Fund, which makes a huge difference in the day-today lives of our students and faculty.

We are eager to get to work. I hope you will join with us on this important journey.

Vita abundantior!
Bradley W. Bateman

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