Googling for a Job

Pujan Shrestha ’15 is putting his liberal arts degree to work in the technology field as a contractor for Google.

Pujan Shrestha ’15 is putting his liberal arts degree to work in the technology field as a contractor for Google.

Each day, Google processes more than 3.5 billion online searches to help answer the world’s most pressing questions. Though he doesn’t directly provide users with road maps, new recipes, or the latest celebrity news, Pujan Shrestha ’15 is part of the team that keeps the search engine running.

Pujan is a software quality data analyst for Adecco Engineering and Technical and works as a contractor for Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California. Every day, he meticulously combs through massive amounts of data and reports bugs to Google’s engineers, software developers, and software quality assurance analysts.

“My favorite part of the job is that even though I have an entry level position, I play an important role in keeping things running smoothly, and I get to see how what I do impacts the project as a whole,” he said. “That is something that’s very entertaining and rewarding for someone who has just started a job. It’s a great feeling knowing that the things I’m doing actually matter.”

Pujan came across the position following an in-depth search on his own. After graduating from Randolph last summer, he applied for science, technology, engineering, and math-related openings across the country until, ironically, an Adecco recruiter impressed with his diverse skills sought him out. “It was like a shot in the dark, but I’m so happy I got it,” Pujan said.

A mathematics and physics major, Pujan’s work at Randolph laid a foundation for some of the more advanced research he is conducting now at Google. “I like the fact that I’m able to incorporate the data analysis and quantitative analysis reasoning skills I learned at Randolph into my work, which makes me a better employee,” he said.

Pujan now sees that his liberal arts background prepared him for more than the scientific aspects of the job. He credits classes like geography and sociology for expanding his world views, and acting classes for increasing his confidence in public speaking. In addition, his involvement in Step Up to Physical Science and Engineering at Randolph (SUPER), Student Government, and other groups gave him collaborative leadership and research experience.

“At Randolph, I gained experience working with people in various fields and backgrounds to meet common goals,” he said. “Now I am doing the same thing at Google, but I’m working with experts from all over the United States as well as Russia, Japan, Vietnam, and India.”

Pujan plans to attend graduate school and work toward a Ph.D. in applied mathematics. And with his current employment status, he likes his chances.

“I feel like this one-year position allows me to experience what real work life is like while also making me a better candidate for the next round of college,” said Pujan, who graduated magna cum laude from Randolph.

“I have years of actual experience I can add to my resume from my time at Randolph, but now I can add that I worked for Google for a year. That makes me a much better candidate as I head to grad school.”

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